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 Daughter of Essence RPG Maker Game [Big Update: 01-24-20!] 
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Joined: Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:15 am
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New Weekly & Alpha: v0.73!

Hi everyone!

We're pleased to present the latest weekly & alpha build, version 0.73!

In fact, in much the same way that a Robert Frost poem might, this build diverges along two paths: one with additional features that is NOT compatible with old save files, and one without those additional features that IS compatible with old save files.

These builds will be very explicitly notated, so you don't have to worry about getting the wrong one. However, if you're not far along with your save, haven't tried the game yet or are even considering starting over from scratch with new decisions and a new build, you'll definitely want to pick up version 0.73.1.

The final consideration is that at some point down the line, the old save compatible versions will stop. It's simply too much work preparing two very different builds every week, but I didn't want to cut everyone off cold turkey. That just seemed rude. My current approximate deadline for that is with the public launch of chapter 7, which is still many weeks away.

I hope you understand! And without further ado, the patch notes (for both releases):

Version 0.73.1 - 3-1-2019 (New Game Required)
Mercy and Orus can both equip two accessories
Equipment types Orus can’t equip no longer appear
Added new categories for better inventory organization

Version 0.73 (Old Save Compatible)
Added a new NSFW scene! (Beatrix, Toy, Futa)
Added a hunter’s campsite to the overworld
Added new treasure to the overworld
Added all new Ch. VII Esterholt content
Added more progression clues to the siblings portion of Ch. VII
Added new cooking recipes
Fixed a sink tile error
Fixed an issue where you can leave Fort Wilkes without your crew
Fixed some typos
Fixed an issue where Beatrix’s direction was incorrectly locked
You can now cook in the Esterholt manor oven
You can no longer hear the sea from inside the cove dormitories

New to the game? Check us out at!

Sun Mar 03, 2019 12:50 am
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Joined: Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:15 am
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New Release: v0.74!

Happy release day, everyone! Same as last week, it's split between two builds (to continue for a little while longer): one that is compatible with ALL old saves, and one that requires a v0.73 save or newer.

The old save compatible versions will be phased out eventually--probably once I wrap chapter 7 up and make it public. I wish there was a way around this, but alas. I'll make sure to ease the pain somehow.

Also, if you haven't yet, check out our brand new trailer here:

New to the game? You can find it here:!

As for what's new, the notes are listed below.
Until next time,


Version 0.74 - 3-8-2019
Added two new areas to Grey Clarion (WIP)
Added several new harps to Grey Clarion (WIP)
Added new Mercy-specific events and dialogue to Grey Clarion
Grey Clarion is now accessible by ship in Ch. 7
Added a new New Light scene post-Wilkes encounter
Added a new forest area accessible from the overworld
Changed the cooking menu to say “Cook” instead of “Shop”
Changed the essence calcinator to say “Purify” instead of “Shop”
Fixed an issue where the level 2 forge upgrade and the level 1 cove defense upgrade wouldn’t show up simultaneously
Rebalanced some rune stats
Rebalanced MP gains on level-up and equipment
Fixed an issue where the Skill Scroll “Soul Wield” did not correctly bestow the skill
Fixed a lighting issue in the renovated throne room
Fixed an issue where fishing in Esterholt would remove Mercy’s coat

Sun Mar 10, 2019 6:50 pm
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New Release: v0.75!

Here's last week's patch notes - sorry for the delay!

Version 0.75 - 3-15-2019
Added a new NSFW scene! (F/F/M, harps, size difference)
Added new scene art! (Replaced the old Bell & Mercy illustration)
Added new harps to Grey Clarion
Added nestmother’s chambers
Added Eastern Spire Market
Adjusted fruit stats and prices (again)
Adjusted alcohol stats and prices
Added new equipment to the game
Fixed an issue where Marlan’s dialogue still appeared in Grey Clarion on loot checks
Mercy can now correctly ride Orus in Grey Clarion
The overworld now properly enables player followers
Fixed a passability error on the Eastern Spire bridge
Added items and secrets around Grey Clarion
Fixed a sprite issue on a harp
The bedroll in Grey Clarion no longer has Mercy’s dialogue while controlling Marlan

Sun Mar 24, 2019 6:26 pm
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Joined: Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:15 am
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New Release: Version (Fallout/Soldier) 0.76!

Hi, everyone! This week's build, version 0.76, is the patron release of what will eventually become the next public build, which means it's not far off!

This ALSO means the save compatible grace period is approaching its gruesome end. I expect support for old save files will end around after version 0.78, so apologies in advance for that.

New to the game? Become a patron or try our free public build at

- Nym

Version 0.76 - 3-22-2019
Revised and added to a number of scene illustrations!
Added new Oldlight Palace scene
Added new strangers scene
Added return to cove and new cove dialogue
Added new cove scene
Changed Hallie’s dialogue in the cove before departing for Fort Wilkes
Marlan now exists in the cove after returning from Southgate
Fixed an issue where Orus couldn’t equip backpacks in the new save versions of the game
Removed automatic “Trance” generation, making Mercy’s Trance state slower to earn
Fixed several typos
Statue beneath the Eastern Spire now reports the correct combination

Sun Mar 24, 2019 7:13 pm
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Joined: Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:15 am
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Major Updates: New Public Chapter!

It's been a long time coming, and it's finally arrived. Please enjoy the latest chapter of Daughter of Essence in its entirety, featuring not only a wealth of new content, but dozens of other improvements, quality of life changes, and bug fixes!

Little by little, we are getting closer to the end, my friends. I hope you're enjoying the ride.

Want to try the all new public build? Visit!

What's New?

- The main story has been extended by several hours
- Many new erotic scenes have been added
- Many new scene illustrations have been added
- Interesting and complex new areas to explore
- Many older illustrations have been revised and improved, or else replaced entirely
- New fishing and cooking content & improvements
- Item and stat balance adjustments
- New equipment options and balance
- Better organized inventory categories
- Dozens of bug fixes and typo corrections

Mon Apr 08, 2019 12:03 am
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Joined: Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:15 am
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New Weekly Release: v0.79!

Hi everyone, we're back with another weekly release. This has been a very polish and maintenance-heavy week on account of the fresh public release and all the feedback we've received, but we still managed to get some new content developed along the way.

In the not so distant future, there will be patches available for both the public and alpha builds. Until then, the latest weekly notes can be found below.

Version 0.79 - 4-12-2019
Added new encounters at Lion’s Watch
Improved a large number of attack animations (made to feel quicker and more powerful)
Added new dialogue to cove residents
Added new items to the cove
Adjusted the strangers encounter (Carlisse’s)
Cooking fires now apply the “warm” state, making healing items more efficient for a short duration
Replaced 3 outdated cooking fires
The Earth’s March state now correctly describes the status in the help menu
Gore’s chance of applying Moon Poison increased from 25% to 33%, damage increased from ATK * 5 > ATK * 5.5, MP cost increased from 8 > 9
Fixed some enemy AI behaving strangely
The movable box in Bell’s cabin explains how to pull it even if you’ve already read the tip
Fixed a possible soft-lock on the pumpkin king quest
Trading mushrooms with Emiline now correctly removes them from your inventory
Returning the idol now correctly resolves the Curse of Esterholt quest
Fixed an issue where Gorstag and Corrine could be a 5th recruit in Witchdale
Fixed a number of typos
Fixed passability issues in Esterholt and Mar’Liore
Removed Orus from a couple of awkward cutscenes
Marlan's Ring can only be stolen once
After losing to Marlan a second time, the screen will properly fade in
There is new in-combat dialogue after the first time you fight Marlan
Marlan's stats have been tweaked very slightly, and the fight ends one round earlier
Fixed an NPC appearing in Shiveworth prematurely

New to the game? Try the public build or become a patron at

Sat Apr 13, 2019 6:42 pm
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Joined: Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:15 am
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New Release: v0.80!!!

The EIGHTIETH build of Daughter of Essence is being uploaded now, if you can believe it (not including hotfixes!)

New to the game? Want to try the public build? Want to become a patron? Visit!

This week's release is the start of our new "dragonbones" implementation, which is a system whereby we can start to animate some of our larger boss fights with a lot more flexibility. This creates much more lively encounters, and it also tends to save file space compared to the old sprite sheet method of animation.

It's a slow process and it requires a lot of learning new things, but so far I'd say it's already paying off. Beyond that, the new Hawk's Keep area has expanded quite a bit this week, and there is a huge pile of other bug-fixes and QoL improvements we've knocked out again.

This has been a productive week, as it turns out.

Version 0.80 - 4-19-2019
Added new areas to the Hawk’s Keep sinkhole
Added major new boss fight to Hawk’s Keep sinkhole
Added several new enemies to the Hawk’s Keep sinkhole
Began implementation of “Dragonbones,” animating several boss encounters
The “equip” animation in combat now correctly plays over the character equipping
Guts is no longer spinning around confused during a cutscene
One of Petrova’s crew mates no longer wanders away from the table during a cutscene
Ralph now correctly leaves the infirmary at the end of the Carvannah chapter
Orus’s navy and green backpacks now require the correct dye color
Fixed a bug where a box contained infinite wool cloth
Fixed a possible soft-lock when talking to the blonde harp as Marlan
Fixed an issue where trying to leave the mine after hitting the keeper with a shovel doesn’t play the right lines of dialogue
Fixed a passability issue on the bridge beneath the mine
Several quests now correctly resolve in the journal
Hallie no longer appears in the cove inn if she wasn’t rescued (RIP)
Player followers are now disabled starting in the finder monastery until reunited with Orus
Ursus Chordata is no longer a fish. It’s been changed to a cool giant crab
Fire Wisps are now correctly resistant to Earth magic, rather than weak to it
Fixed an issue where equipping Orus with a backpack caused the screen to fadeout when exiting the menu
Fixed a table passability issue in the cove
Fixed a portrait flicker when talking with Abner in the manor
In the initial fight with Marlan, his attack has been replaced with a skill called “Taunt,” which deals less damage & Burn is now the last status applied
Gin and Katarina no longer appear in Shiveworth until after Mercy is captured
Changed a few lines of dialogue with Abner
The leaf spirit in Shiveworth no longer requires the action button to trigger
Revised a few early choice menus to share better continuity with the rest of the game
Fixed a portrait flicker when boarding the ship in Shiveworth
Fixed a portrait not appearing correctly when returning to Ginny a second time to buy a fishing rod
TP required to trigger Trance state up to 150 from 100
Fixed some text-runoffs in Abner’s room
Fixed some typos in Shiveworth
Fixed an issue where sell shops previewed the sale as an expense rather than a gain (thanks to a member of the Discord, Lexicographer)
The sun chest is now visible in Esterholt before you get a Sun Key
The ladders/ropes of Hawk’s Keep now disable player followers while climbing
Tweaked the cutscene where Mercy fights the finder slightly, to try and avoid strange party follower behavior

Mon Apr 22, 2019 1:31 am
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Joined: Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:15 am
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New Release: Weekly & Public Updates

Hi everyone! We've got a nice little weekly build all wrapped up and ready to go, and in addition to that, a new public release with most of recent bug fixes, quality of life upgrades, and general gameplay improvements (just without the new story content).

Both uploads are only for the newer save files, as all old-style save support was officially discontinued at version 0.79.

Want to try the public build or become a patron? Visit!

Patch notes below. Hope you enjoy!

Version 0.81 - 4-26-2019

Added new fishing vessel area, accessible from the overworld
Added Hawk’s Keep burial grounds
Hawk’s Keep main quest now complete
Added new optional quests to Hawk’s Keep
Added all tent interiors to Hawk’s Keep
Added new weapons for sale at Hawk’s Keep if you work with the Grey Lions
Added a feature where using a skill or spell scroll Mercy already knows will refund its essence
Fixed a bug where speaking with June in Witchdale triggered some events as though she was recruited
The stone-rubbing scene at Fort Wilkes no longer repeats
Truman no longer mentions the mortar after returning to Witchdale later
The contortionist twins now correctly leave Mar'Liore after packing
Tweaked some lines of dialogue with Captain Bell for continuity
Adjusted some choice menus on Bell’s ship for continuity with later parts of the game
Riding in the mine cart at Hawk’s Keep now disables player followers for the duration of the ride
The “Berserk” skill scroll is no longer incorrectly called “Rage”
The quest description for “The Approaching Storm” is more specific than before
Attempted to fix a bug where it was possible to skip the Moon Spirit fight
Moon Spirit’s HP gauge is now correctly hidden
Ursus Chordata hide/gloves now updated to reflect the change to emperor crab
Rewrote some of the lines of dialogue in the early cove segments

Sat Apr 27, 2019 11:09 pm
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New Weekly & Alpha Releases: v0.82!

Hi everyone! It's been a busy week with a lot of in-game and out-of-game developments. We're in talks with a number of voice actors to record a prologue for us, and we're chipping away at a lot of different parts of chapter 8 which we hope you'll enjoy.

There's not a lot to say that the patch notes won't cover, but it's a fun build and we hope everyone enjoys.

Notice how they all start with "added" instead of "fixed," which is a REALLY nice change of pace.

New to the game? Try the public build or become a patron at!

Version 0.82 - 5-3-2019
Added new scene illustration (Mercy/Hallie pt. 3)
Added new NSFW scene (femdom, footjob)
Added Fogsborough (WIP)
Added northern mountain passages and east & west gates
Added a new, updated world map to replace the old one
Added new enemies to the mountain passages
Added ice puzzles to the game
Added new hidden treasures and cutscenes

Tue May 07, 2019 3:22 am
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New Release: v0.83!

Hi folks, the latest weekly build is now live! We're still crafting the village of Fogsborough and populating it with new characters.

This little remove village is tucked away on the far west corner of Grey Clarion, and you'll have to do a little spelunking to reach it.

We've also spent a good portion of the week listening to auditions for the voice of Mercy, and we're pleased to announce that we've, at last, found what we think is the right fit. We'll have more on that subject soon, but at the very least, we're eager to bring Mercy to life for some of the important monologue parts.

New to the game? You can play the public build or become a patron at!

Until next time!

- Nym

Version 0.83 - 5-10-2019
Implemented a new system whereby resistance determines the amount of bonus skill points earned when resisting essence
Populated Fogsborough with citizens and house interiors
Added several new items and ingredients
Added Franz encounter
Added Fogsborough Docks
Added Fogsborough Market
Guarding now increases Recovery Effect by 20%
Added winter Orus riding sprite
Mercy can now ride Orus in Fogsborough
Changed some of the early choice menus for better continuity
Fixed some typos
Fixed an issue where Mercy could revert to her normal sprite after leaving the monastery
Revised some of the early dialogue for better continuity
Looted or store-bought hufferpuffer pie now applies the “hearty meal” state

Sun May 12, 2019 2:13 am
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