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 How to install 
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problem solved, it was ...


Tue May 15, 2018 6:29 pm
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Has anyone figured out what the ini callout is for the "A" and "X" key on the oculus? I've tried variations on:
command[JUMP] = [VRCONTROL0_BUTTON_2];
using different numbers and have had no luck. I hate having useless buttons.

Sun Feb 17, 2019 4:18 pm
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Mckine wrote:
Has anyone figured out what the ini callout is for the "A" and "X" key on the oculus? I've tried variations on:
command[JUMP] = [VRCONTROL0_BUTTON_2];
using different numbers and have had no luck. I hate having useless buttons.

To Summarize my own tests, consolidate the information here into one post, and to reply to Mckine. This is what we know about Oculus support.

    - Support is buggy for sure. but once certain modifications are made to the settings.ini file, it becomes playable. (Which is pretty damn good considering VR support was an afterthought)
    - At the time of this post, you cannot use the CV1 patch since its results vary. most have some kind of major issue. only one poster here had success with it. Personally, the game loads, but none of the controls work (except keyboard, which I would rather not use in VR given the choice)
    - Oculus users can, however, use the Vive patch, to make the touch controllers work, but by default the controls are far beyond "wonky".
    - The Settings.ini file can be changed to correct the controls, but there is a catch.
    - (@Mckine) You cannot use the "A" and "X" buttons on the touch since we have to use the VIVE patch to play the game. The Vive has two less buttons than the touch, and those two just so happen to be the ones that do not have a corresponding "Vive" counterpart. (At least not according to this game)

I do have a theory though (Untested as of now), and I believe it was mentioned a few posts ago but I guess i missed the details. Using AutoHotKey, or AutoIt (More powerful, easier for coders, more complex for those new to programming), you can possibly use those two buttons to simulate the keyboard strikes corresponding to the action you want to perform with them. This will work as long as AutoIt or AutoHotKey can "see" when you press the keys on the touch controllers and know that it needs to do something with them.

hope this helps someone.

Fri Mar 08, 2019 10:40 pm
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Oculus Touch Control Script
(Using AutoHotKey, and a script created by me)

Oculus touch support for this game has been unfortunately neglected. We have had to use the Vive patch rather than the Oculus one for some time, and there is no evidence of it being fixed anytime soon, so I have created this script which reshapes the controls for Rift users using this game.
Note: I do not hold anything against the creator, I think this game has some very cool concepts, and the brain behind its creation is incredible. I just wish the team were able to update/support is as much as the game deserves.

Default Controls:
(AutoHotKey isn't very hard to learn if you feel inclined to change something)

Left Stick -- Forward/backwards and strafe left and right
Click Left Joystick -- Toggle Running
Hold Right Thumb Rest and Click Left Joystick -- Pee
Right Stick -- Turn left and right, and up and down adjust crouch level
Click Right Joystick -- Select Letters in VR Chatbox (Unchangeable)
Hold Left Thumb Rest and Click Right Joystick -- Cum
A -- Open chat window
B -- Camera mode cycle (like the z and x buttons when you aren't in VR)
X -- Leave_CT (not sure exactly what it does, but it has its uses such as the menu un fast sex mode, and should be bound to something)
Y -- Penis control
Triggers -- Left = Use 1, Right = Use 2, both together = Use 3
Grips -- Grab stuff
Aim Controls at the Ceiling -- Jump

**NOTE: The "A" button simulates the "Enter" key. So you dont have to hit the return button on the virtual keyboard. just using the "A" button again
when you are done typing will send the message.)

  • The camera mode is very weird. no clue how to fix it, but it is still useful once you get used to it. aiming can be hard, this makes it much easier
  • I have removed Hip Mode for two reasons. One = I never liked it and didnt want to waste a key. Two = in order for it to work, one of the required settings would have to change.

So How do you get this setup?
Download AutoHotKey, Auto Oculus Touch Library, and My script

Environment Setup
  • Install AutoHotKey any place you want. Create a location for your AutoHotKey scripts (It is very powerful, once you see some things you can do with it, you may want to make some of your own.)
  • Extract the Auto Oculus Touch Library into the scripts folder
  • Put my script in that same folder so that my script and the auto_oculus_touch.ahk script are in the same place
  • Change the controls in the settings.ini file that you will find in the xstoryplayer install directory to reflect the attached image
  • Two other settings need to be disabled there as well but are not in the image. you can also change them in the VR Settings in game. They are the Track Postition and Auto Height Adjust.

** Track Position makes it so you cannot turn left and right and disables some of the headset movement ability,
but is required for Hip Mode. If you have a 360 setup, you could leave it on and just use your own body to turn so you can have Hip Mode and other Headset movements.
Though i do not have a keybind set up for hip mode, you will have to create one yourself.

** Auto Height Adjust makes it so you cannot crouch with my keybind. I had issues with the auto height setting so I turned it off in favor of manual crouching.

That's It!
  • Run my script
  • Run the Game
  • Have Fun!

P.S. - To the Coders out there. This is a pretty quick and dirty script. There are comments and I tried to pretty it up a bit, but you might cringe a bit when you see it.
P.S. - To the non-coders reading this part, dont worry. It works well, and wont crash your computer. Coders are just picky about our code. ;)

File comment: How the controls should look
temp.PNG [ 21.26 KiB | Viewed 458 times ]

Sat Mar 09, 2019 11:15 pm
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Does anyone know if this will work with the new Rift S that is coming out?

Mon Apr 22, 2019 4:54 am
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Would be supriced if it did not work with it. You can probably not do the "vive" fuck thing becase of the bad tracking.

Mon Apr 22, 2019 8:22 am
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