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 Please support vstroker 
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BubbaGump wrote:
You are not understanding what I am saying. It spits out mouse axis data. I don't know if that translates readily to a position or if it is an acceleration. I think the mouse may spit out acceleration. However, it acts like a mouse device according to the manufacturer. That is why there are no drivers.

"Yes, your computer will automatically detect and interface with the Vstroker the same way it would if you plugged in a mouse."

I understood what you were saying completely. What I said, which you apparently didn't understand, is that what you said was (and is) entirely incorrect.

The device does not spit out axis data. Mice do not output acceleration. They output changes in position along each axis. The manufacturer did not say it acts like a mouse. The quote you provided says absolutely nothing of the sort. Here's what it's actually saying: "This is a standard Human Interface Device that doesn't require special drivers beyond those already included with the operating system. A USB mouse is an example of another HID that doesn't require an additional driver."

That does not specify it is a mouse per say. However, a while back I was researching how to interface to the device. The only thing I could find is it does emulate a mouse axis. So tell me, does it move the mouse cursor outside of an application? Also, every "program" the vstroker is designed to use also states you can use a mouse instead of the vstroker.

So, I don't have one, does it move the mouse cursor? If it does, then you do not need to get an API to talk to the device. That was the point I was making.

It doesn't emulate a mouse axis. It doesn't move the mouse cursor.

And if it does not simply emulate a mouse: ...
There is an existing API to use for the device. Again, I don't have one, I have an ET-312B (far superior in every way). So someone else will have to test this.

That python script is not in any way an API. It's just a script that uses the hidapi Python library to communicate with the device. After modifying the script to output actual data received (as opposed to the number of reports received each second), I found that what the USB device actually outputs is raw accelerator data. Defining a stroke rate would then involve watching for opposite spikes in acceleration on a given axis, noting the time code for each. Perhaps the vstroker.exe interface program does some of that work. Or perhaps they do have an API of sorts to process the data.

But what's absolutely certain, beyond any doubt, is that the device functions nothing like a mouse in any way.

Thu Jul 30, 2015 10:02 am
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Good job on figuring out how it works. Now add one lib (keypress emulation, cannot remember the exact lib) to your python program and have it emulate key strokes based upon those acceleration spikes. I have used one in the past that can actually find the window owned by the app/game and send those keystrokes to that app. I have used that before to emulate mouse clicks even. Now you have a working interface. Which is where I was going with this in the first place.

Yes, I was very limited to what I could figure out for the device, but I knew it was completely possible to interface this device without touching a single line of code in the game.

Fri Jul 31, 2015 11:44 am
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how would i add this to my pc ?

Sun Sep 22, 2019 2:56 am
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