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 The Creature 
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Loosely inspired by the episode Foothold in Stargate: SG1

- - - -

There are two scientist and two army personal within this team.

- - - -

After discovering the creature while out on a mission in a dense forest, one of the members from the science team is sprayed with a low dose of the hallucinogenic substance by the creature.

After reporting the affects of this substance and the creature to command, the team is ordered to retrieve the creature and return with it to the device and attach it to their pack-mull drone for it to be brought back though the device and studied for it's hallucinogenic proprieties after being safely sealed within a glass container.

After sending the creature though with their pack-mull drone, they are ordered to prolong their stay on the planet and attempt to retrieve more of theses creatures for further study and observation.

- - - -

The pack-mull is received and loaded up with supply's and sent back while the capsule and the creature is sent to the head doctor on base for study and analysis.

- - - -

After leaving the capsule on her desk within the medical wing for the day, the creature is finally taken by the sleep deprived head doctor to the isolation room for study.

While in the isolation room, the head doctor studies the creature with various visual simulate and lights, the creature hasn't had a single reaction to any of the simulates and she decides to release it for further examination from it's capsule case.

After releasing the creature, It begins to move about the room erratically and while trying to chase the creature is sprayed with a much higher dose of the substance and is knocked unconscious on the floor by it.

While the head doctor is unconscious, the creature begins to insert it's tentacle into her hairy vagina after awakening to find the creature is attached to her, she immediately pulls it out but is compelled to allow it to reinsert itself into her vagina.

The head doctor is now infected and wants to infect other women within the base.

- - - -

There are three nurses and one head nurses under her staff.

- - - -

Sophie, Is a nurse who isn't doing so well after vague events and as a result hasn't been focus on performing her duties to the best of her abilities.

She is told by the head doctor, If she would like to say at the base that she would need to do something for the doctor and is told by the doctor to lift up her long skirt and pull down her panties and then lay down on the desk blind folded with her legs spread. The created had since mutated into a larger creature with the appearance of a face hugger but larger and able to "hug" a body and begun to penetrate her..

After this, Sophie becomes infected and under the creatures control.

- - - -

After returning with four creatures, the team is given "shots" as a precaution to immunize them against various bugs and diseases on the planet, while in reality they were given anesthesia and sedated by the infected doctor.

As all four women had undid their belts with their pants partly pull down and were bent over against the beds to receive the shots, they laid down on the beds and placed by the nursing staff with their legs apart and their panties down to be infected by the creatures.

- - - -

Can't think of anymore story, anyone is welcome to rewrite this and make changes as it's incomplete.

Mon Dec 19, 2016 10:06 am
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