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 Deserted Island Proposal 
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Project Name: Deserted Island
Date: 11/19/2016

This story is a vague castaway scenario and consists of a large deserted island that is inhabited by two tribal futa women.

The castaways number around 12 but only 7 of them wash up roughly in the same area as yourself. The other 5 are split into 3 wash up nearby each other but the other 2 wash up alone with no contact with anyone else.

After washing up and spending almost a month on the island the tribals will have discovered the small group of 3 women on the island and quickly taken them back to their camp within the caves.

Sometime after a month, They will begin to take women from your camp during the night and return them to your camp before the morning as this continues they will begin to have nightmares and notice scratches on their bodies until one of them doesn't return as the story continues more will disappear leaving you alone on the island.

After washing up on the island after a few days, one of the castaways will be attacked by a strange slug while walking out by herself while exploring the caves after finding pools of sticky water to bath in.

This event can be prevented by throwing the creatures off a cliff deeper into the caves.

One of the castaways may be abducted earlier if she explores more of the island to find her sister.

There are a total of 12 castaways and 13 if you include yourself.

An Asian Women
Saiko Body, New Face

A Black Women
Latisha Body, New Face

A White Women
Monica Body, New Face

A White Women
Samantha Body, New Face

A Latino Women
Scratch Made Body and Face, Saiko Breast Size

An Asian Women
Latisha Body, Large breasts.

A Black Women
A Mixture between Latisha and Monica Bodies, Large breasts

A Latino Women
Scratch Made Body and Face, Medium breasts.

A White Women
Jenna Body, New Face

A White Women
Tiffany Body, New Face

A White Women
Monica Body, New Face

A White Women
Tiffany Body, New Face

On the first night, the tribals will sneak into the tents of the women and will begin to do a rough examination of them and their bodies after a few nights they will return and take one or more back to their camp for more in depth examinations of their bodies and their genitals.

After completing their examinations they would be redressed and return to their encampment and wake up unaware of what has just happen during the night.

While within their camp the women will be placed in a wooden cage and maybe filled with women from the other groups that have been permanently abducted by the tribals.

When not in the cages, the women will be placed on large stone slabs or stretchers made from bamboo to be examined or stripped of their clothing such as their t-shirts and bra's.

During imprisonment or on the slabs they may wake up and be aware of this, but after being return to their encampment they will think it was nothing but a dream.

The women may wake up during theses examinations or in the wooden prison that they are put in, if women have already been abducted they will also be placed in this prison.

As the tribals continue their examinations of the castaways they may grow more intense to find those who are compatible among them.

One of the final examinations will be the women, bottomless or missing clothing exposing their genitals standing in front of a creature that could only be describe as the women standing in front of the brain bug from starship trooper with a thin wet tentacle probing their nether regions and breasts. If the creature rejects the women and turns it's tentacle away they will taken away by the two trial futa priestess's for their enjoyment but if the creature shows interest in the women they will be prepared for impregnation.

The Brain Bug Appearance is essentially the same but instead most of it's body if not all of it is embedded within a wall with only it's face exposed and maybe a bit of it's upper body.

The women will be taken back to the prison while the priestess's begin to make preparations and collect ingredients for potions and other things in order to begin the ritual of impregnation.
Once this is done, the women will be taken to the slab and laid down were she will be stripped and painted with red lines across her body with markings meeting at her breasts and vagina along with anus.

She will then be unbound and taken to the creature and laid down as the creature begin rubbing it's tentacle across her bellybutton and examining her body eventually the creature will begin to have oral, vaginal and anal sex with her but that's in randomized order.
If the creature doesn't show much interest in women bough to it, they may be impregnated with smaller creatures resembling the alien in it's first form but instead of using it's tentacle, the creature will be borrowing itself into their vagina.

You can be captured early on and convince into telling them, where your camp is.

If you find and sneak into the cave and camp of the tribals, you can rescue or watch while they have their examinations or are impregnated by either the creatures or the futa's.

Sat Nov 19, 2016 11:48 am
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