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 The Pirates (Special) Tavern called "Magical Adventure" 
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Ok so here is the working on a fantasystory for quite some time.

It takes place in a pirate like universe, but with different races (my dictionary says breeds...but what is right here?) like elves, trolls and more.

In this Story the protagonist... a joung lad who desires to sail along one of the many pirate at a shady tavern, called "The Magical Adventure".

It´s not a normal is known for it´s special Services....the service to fullfill youre darkest and naughty wishes...

Tha tavern owner a big guy called "The Colector" is always paying good amounts of coins to those who bring him new "Treasures" from their raids and treasurehunts.
Means he has a hudge collection of women of almost all races that are known.
The protagonist´s job at the tavern is simply take care of the storage of the bar and take tap of the reorders of wine, etc.

One day the so called "Carrier", it´s the guy that looks over the girls and take them from A to B if requestet, got stabbed in a brutal bar fight.
So the owner had no choice....he need´s to replace him, so he called "you" into his office.

Youre the new "Carrier" and for the first time you´ll learn the buissness that´s going on here first handed.

Time goes by and "you" getting really good at youre job...that good actually that the Boss anounced that he´s no longer looking for a other "Carrier"

One day you are informed that there is " New goods" on the way in and you should prepare a room for 2.
At the evening of that day the new ones couldn´t belive youre eyes. They brought in the most beautiful elf that you´ve ever seen.

"A true royal elf", the captian who brought her in said "and her companion is worth some money too right?"
After the payment was done you got a chance to take another look at the two new guest.

She was royal, no doubt... so pure, blond long hair, legs any man would die for and a face with eyes you could get lost in...just as blue as the ocean.

As you enter the room you get pushed at the wall by the other woman in the couldn´t get of that feeling that you´ll know her from somewhere.

in deed you know her....her name is Isabella, you two grew up together.
She was a beauty of her own. Perfectly tanned skin, dark brown hair covered under a black cloth wrapped in it, normaly she would wear a hat and pretend to be a pirate wouldn´t belive how many men fall for it, although everybody knows there isn´t a female pirate in the whole known world. But it was always her dream "The First female Pirate"

She told you that she actually found a ship and a Crew and found a hidden Island with an old temple.

[...]"And there was this Altar with the glowing stone on it and you know me, hehe, glowing things and girls right, so i´ll took it out of his base and the earth started to shake.....we thought the whole temple would collapse but the some signs on the wall startet to glow and some sort of door out of pure light appeared and there she was....standing right in front of me[...] [...] Since I think she doesn´t understand our language it´s going to be a hard task[...] [...] after we got on board I graped her Arm to show her to my quarters and then another white light and suddenly my crew was gone and the Island with it[...]

In short...she was summoned by an ancient ritual that connects two worlds and Isabella was trying to find a way to bring her back to her world. She asked for your help to get her the two of them out of there and come with her to find that Island again to bring the "royal" elf back to her world.

Heres the short peek of the story.....this all happens in the Prologue of my story and Im far from finish, but I thought this is a great setting for the so called xStoryplayer.

If this will be possible someday with this programm....the Player will have two choices.... help Isabella and belive her story (wich doesn´t mean you can´t have fun with the other guest), or call bullshit on that and stick to your boss and put the girls to work (As the carrier you´ll need to make sure there are fit for the job, you know ;) )

Each storyline will get their own attention and twists....and action of curse....just because you choose the good, heroic way doesn´t mean you´ll leave the game as a virgin :D

So what you think of this Idea so far?

After this year ends I´ll have enough space in my life so I can focus on learning how to code from scratch´s gonna be hard I guess but you´ll never win if you´ll never try. Untill the I stick to writing....hopefully in better english in the future so I can reach more people xD

Tue Sep 06, 2016 4:50 pm
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Sounds like a good story and yes this is possible in XStoryPlayer even now
If you want to attempt to do this story (id suggest waiting for version 4) id be happy to help out

To install a mod


Eskarn's Dungeon Mod(BETA)

Eskarn's puzzle map (story)

Wed Sep 07, 2016 5:32 am
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Can't understand what this story is about, not enough "...".

Wed Sep 07, 2016 11:24 am
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Can't understand what this story is about, not enough "...".

That what I thought...when I wrote it...and because of that I am currently working on translating the first chapter of my work into english as best as I give an impression of the full story behind this shady curtain.

But it´s gonna take a while....

Wed Sep 07, 2016 2:52 pm
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