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 Election Story? 
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So anyone got any bright idea for an presidential election story?

Tue Jun 07, 2016 10:06 pm
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Yes, I have one idea.

Monica is president's secretary and Saiko is his daughter.
They both convince you to vote for the president by doing sexual favours.
When you do vote at the end, they pop up in to the voting booth and threesome ;)

Wed Jun 08, 2016 9:50 am
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Or, alternatively the following--

You're the campaign strategist for a presidential candidate. (Woman, think Monica or Samantha commandeering personality, etc.) Your boss is super knowledgeable/has a doctor background in pharmaceuticals. Her opponent is a guy with a wife and/or daughter.
Your boss missions you with making sure her opponent's platform sinks. You're on a mission, but, there are a few stages you have to get past first.

First, her opponent has his own campaign manager. You can watch on your TV a news broadcast, or see on the internet via your computer articles talking about her. Have to do some sleuthing to find out that she actually has some hidden weakness. (i.e. think Jenna and the picture blackmail.) You approach her with the blackmail (it's something like she has had 3 DUI's and her candidate is going to support laxer Alcohol regulation laws/has lobbying support from the Alcohol lobby), but she's not as weak as Jenna. Things backfire, and she gets you in jail.

Maybe in the apartment, can also have background "tidbits" of the world, where the news or internet reports talk about the great pharma vs. alcohol debate or something.

Your boss bails you out for the night. (Think alien abduction scene, reusing some of the jail assets). Gives you a lecture. Mood is bad. You have to talk to her and convince her that you're on the trail of her mission. You find out the campaign manager is going to appear at a bar tonight, potentially violating her parole or whatever. Before you head out, you call in a favor to pick up some pharmaceuticals from your boss's office. You have an option of an aphrodesiac, a sleeping pill, or an experimental sleeping pill/diuretic or just diuretic.

You find her there, but have to convince some other characters there to potentially get her to play pool or something. (Get her away from her drink.) Either script that you cause a barfight between two other patrons, or get someone to challenge her to pool.

While she's busy playing pool, you need to get your pill and drop it in her drink.

Depending on what pill you chose, three different scenes unlock.
Aphrodisiac- She leaves the bar.
You have to pick up her tab, which shows you her address.
You go to her address (which is like Saiko's apartment).
Door happens to be a little bit open.
If you go into her restroom, you find her masturbating.
Insert conquest/rapey scene.

Sleeping pill- She passes out at the bar.
You have to wait for closing hours, talk to the bartender that you're going to get her home safely.
Then you take her to your dungeon and have Samantha times.

Diuretic/Sleeping Pill- She feels the urge to pee, so she runs to the bathroom.
You have to grab the out of order floor sign, or a sign lying in a corner that says out of order, and stick it on the restroom door.
Then, you go in there. If it's the diuretic/sleeping pill, she's passed out on the toilet. If it's just the diuretic, she's embarassed on the toilet.
Either way, you lock the door and have your fun.

Whichever route you take, at the end of it, your thought bubble asks you how do you get closer to her client's daughter/wife. If the campaign manager model is pretty, ship her to the dungeon, too!
Here, you can choose to go after the wife or the daughter first. You find out that the daughter is kind of a pretty diva/model.

You call your contact (the older gentleman John), and he tells you to pose as him. (i.e. Professional Photographer working for Siyavue), and to ask her to come to his apartment. (Which still has all his sex toys!)

When she goes to his house, you use his camera and take pictures of her, but have to increasingly convince her of more risque postures/posing with the sex toys. Eventually, you convince her that she needs her mom there as well, to complement her features. So, she calls her mom, who comes, and after talking to her, you find out that the campaign trail is sexually frustrating.

So you all have a threesome with lots of pictures. (Use that camera while you're sexing!)

After that, you go to your boss with the camera, and the next day it's on the news publicly shaming your opposition.

If you go after the wife first, you find out that she'll be alone at her home, because she's exhausted from traveling so much for campaigning. You visit her home, play on her sympathies, and totally sexitize her.

After a bunch of banging, her daughter bursts into the room, and finds you screwing her mom. She's about to leave the room, but then you have to quickly grab a kitchen knife that her mom and and hold it up to her. Order her to strip, and then bang the daughter, too.

Their father/husband then gets home and finds out the sorry state he has exposed his family to needless danger, so then he loses his marbles and leaves. (This is so that you feel pity for the mother/daughter/add them to your dungeon harem to protect them from the world/make up for making them pawns sacrificed in the political game.)

Afterwards, pass five days. First day- news is announced that your boss wins by default.
Second day- sworn into office.
Third day- Boss gives you a bunch of office work to do. Deliver her documents, respond to emails, etc.
Fourth day- Same as third day.
Fifth day- There are two routes.
If you had gone daughter first --
You wake up the day with nasty thought bubbles on how your boss is just using you for secretarial duties.
You call up the wife and the daughter to meet you in your dungeon.
You bring your boss a drink that has sleeping pill dropped into it.
After a few minutes she falls asleep.
You drag her body out of the office.
She wakes up chained in the dungeon.
Either tell the wife/daughter to train her for you/toy with her or do it yourself.

Or, if you had gone wife first,
Walk in on your boss masturbating to your name.
Have an awkward conversation where you both agree that being president wasn't what either of you wanted.
Convince her to run away.
She goes to the dungeon, where you have fun with the wife/daughter.

So, a few things I think this would bring to XStory--
1. Branching points based on decisions.
2. Masturbation animations (which, with the sitting on dildo thing, I think XMoon has already started coding in that direction.)
3. Dropping pills into drinks seems like an interesting combination mechanic, not sure if this will be doable...
4. This gets all characters back into the dungeon, which seems to be the common theme across the stories. Might be interesting if there was a "happy" route that allowed ending up in an orgy hotel or something.

One problem, I think with this story is that it depends on there having quite a few models. This includes some "guy" models as well, for the bar fight. But yeah, if someone would like to fill in the specifics of the dialogue and make it kinky in different ways, that'd be greeeatt...

Either way, I tried keeping the number of additional animations at a minimum. (i.e. just hold up a knife to the characters to threaten them)

Hopefully this was entertaining.

Tue Aug 02, 2016 6:06 am
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