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 Expand on Office Building 
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Sorry if this has been previously posted, I didn't see anything similar in my cursory scan.....

In XStoryPlayer 3.0 with tentacle dreams, I noticed in the building the player works at, that you've actually implemented all of the floors, although they all look similar in layout, each floor has a unique company name and logo that sets the imagination in motion... a great idea already in the works! What were you guys thinking when you did this, hmmmm?

I would love to see either development of, or even a merge of something from the modding community, to completely fill every floor of that building.. Part of the excitement I think is to be immersed in the game where stuff may be going on that one could explore.

I realize this may get a little complicated given that to be free roaming through a building would require some pretty fancy scripting rules, not too mention the animations, npc movement etc, and ESPECIALLY more models, but it would be pretty awesome.

I'm imagining being able to go to each floor and see what those other companies were all about.

Devs, did you already have secret plans for this??? Seriously seems like some low hanging fruit.

So to expound:

Floor 19: Trust Banking -Chicks in business suits? (Like monica), maybe you find a gal masturbating in the vault on a pile of money? Maybe a story where you help a babe on the inside steal a ton of money(Payday2 anyone?) Ha!

Floors 16 - 18 Angel Wing IT: -So floor 16 was where we worked in 3.0, 17,18 I feel should be reserved to expand on the existing story line by simply adding new adventures at work. Not thinking of anything specific at the moment, but definitely more encounters with IT babes, and since Monica is there, maybe a little in-office jealousy/rivalry. Nothing hotter than chicks fighting over you.

Floors 14-15 Xyrell Corp.: Xyrell Seems to be a pretty uncommon name sometimes given in the Phillipines, Thailand, and India. Travel Agency? (Insert babes from those countries here)

Floors 11-13 CyberDyne ST.: Hmm, CyberBabes floor? Chicks with rotor cuffs? I really couldn't find anything related to the name Xyrell.... Define Xyrell Corp. Here___

Straight from Wikipedia:
Cyberdyne Inc., a Japanese company which sells a powered exoskeleton called HAL 5 (Hybrid Assistive Limb)
Cyberdyne (Cyber Dynamics Systems Corporation), a fictional corporation that created the Skynet system in the Terminator franchise
Cyberdyne, the name of a fictional manufacturer in the anime Hand Maid May

Floors 9-10 MetaCortex: The name of the company Neo worked for in the movie "The Matrix".
Holy Crapola, seriously? (INSERT CGI VERSION OF CARRIE-ANNE MOSS HERE) that's all that needs to be on these floors, oh and the blue and red pills of course. Oh, and maybe the white rabbit.....

Floors 4-8 Y-Industries: Screams Automobile showroom floor to me. Complete with sexy cars, and showroom girls....

Floors 1-3 Green Earth: Hippy chicks! nuff said....

Anyway just wanted to throw that out there, food for thought.... Oh and add a ROOF!

Thu Jun 11, 2015 12:11 am
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