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 Janitor at a girls only catholic college during the summer 
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You are the janitor responsible for a girls dorm at a strict catholic all-girls college. As a 30 year old unkissed virgin you spend your days with the easy job you have to do - unless the girls flush their tampons down the toilet again - and the nights with internet porn, roleplaying and masturnating. From the available characters in game Bob would be the best choice.

The girls:
Four college girls (all 18+ years old and legal ;) ) who are spending the summer school holidays at the dorm, because of personal reasons.

Mindy McNamara, 19, D-Cups, redhead.
Saiko Ishimura, 22, B-cups, petite.
Ladeesha (Lady) Washington, 19, C-Cups, african-american (or whatever the currently political correct term is ;) ), voluptous.
Marguerite (Marge) St.Clair, 21, C-Cups, french exchange student.

The Set:
It's a small dorm with only two floors with six rooms each. Most of these are locked and not needed for this story. Only the four rooms of the girls in the story can be entered.
There's a shower room on each floor with four showers in each of it. Connected to each of these is a room with washbasins and mirrors. There are also two restrooms with four toilets each.
On the ground floor there's also a very small room - more a boxroom - with a desk, a chair and a locker, which is the Janitor's "office". And directly above it on the other floor there's another room of the same size, in which the cleaning stuff, tools and suchlike wait for the Janitor in case he needs them. There's also a sink there.
In the basement there's a room with some training equipment, where the girls can get a good workout. And of course there is the boiler room...

The Story:
It's summer. And it's effing hot. All day long the girls run around in skimpy outfits and you run around with a boner 90% of the time. Being the nerdish 30 year old unkissed virgin that you are, you decide to do the obvious: put some radio controlled and -transmitting cameras in different places of the dorm.
The easier places are the showers, the washing rooms, the training room and - of course - the toilets.
It's not so easy to place the cameras in the rooms of those four bitches that seem to think it's funny to make you horny every day. You'd have to take care that they don't catch you in the act... yes, you should have planted those cameras a lot earlier, but it took some time to get enough money to buy them and that phat PC you've got in your secret place down there in the boiler room. Where you also keep most of the kinky stuff you've bought...

So the first part of the game will be planting the cameras in the different places without getting caught. You'll have to go about your usual business of wiping the floors and taking care of a clogged toilet - damn those tampons! - too, of course...

In the evening you go down to your secret room and check the videos you've managed to get and to see if something nice happens live...
The videos could be pre-made and go highspeed forward to the more... satisfying... moments.

While watching the live camera feed you suddenly see something, that would mean a lot of trouble for the girl, if the right person would find out about it...
So, each of the girls has a dirty little secret...

Mindy is a bit too fond of recreational drugs. And smoking weed isn't allowed on this strict catholic college. If the dean would find out - or if someone would give him reason to check Mindy's room for drugs and found some - she would be expelled.

Ladeesha has the habit of sexing with her boyfriend. Jokingly she told him - right after masturbating in front of her laptop's camera, with her boyfriend doing the same at his side of the connection - that her daddy wouldn't be too happy to find out about the fun they have...
So using his computer skills, the Janitor would just (!) have to plant a virus in Ladeesha's laptop, so he could intercept the next masturbation session and save it... and of course he would need the e-mail adress of Mr. Washington, to send him a copy of his little girl's antics...

Saiko is a cosplay geek. She has a few - more or less revealing - costumes and even does a video blog. What she doesn't show on that blog is her fetish for tentacle rape. She even used her skills for making cosplay costumes to build some cushion-y thing with several tentacles - with built-in vibrators - that she uses to masturbate. Wouldn't it be a shame if a video showing her masturbating hard and yelling "Noo... do not rape me, tentacle-san... it's too deeeeeep..." would appear on the internet for all the fans of her blog to see?

Marge has a very rich boyfriend and potential husband back there in France. And now there's a video of her fucking around with some guy... Having boys in the dorm isn't allowed, of course, and if the Dean would get some proof she's be sent back to France "tout de suite" - or, for those among us lacking latin: immediately - but it would be even worse if that video would find it's way into the hands of her fiance to be. For that, the Janitor would have to find out the name, address and suchlike of that fiance first... which would mean going through Marge's stuff in her room.

These are, of course, only examples of what COULD happen...

So the next part of the game would be the Janitor bribing the girls that he already can bribe - Mindy and Saiko - and looking for the data he needs to also bribe the other two. Each day he can do only one girl - his stamina doesn't allow him to do more ;)

The girls will have different "breaking points" depending on what the Janitor will ask them to do and what might happen to them, if their secrets were to be found out.

Mindy's dad gave a lot of money to the college. So she probably wouldn't be really expelled, but her dad wouldn't like to learn that she's a weedhead. She despises that fat old fart of a Janitor, but that wouldn't keep her from sucking his cock a couple of times as the price for his silence. After finding out that he is the proud owner of a quite well-sized cock, she will even allow him to use her pussy. But no anal or any kinky stuff, no sir, she's a good catholic girl after all...

Ladeesha doesn't like the Janitor either. But when he really manages to get a) the masturbation video (as taped by her laptop) and b) the contact data of her father, she will see no other opportunity then to do as he commands. Oral, vaginal, anal... even a good bit of spanking is okay. In fact, she likes being spanked... But if the Janitor was to try anything really weird, she'd give her boyfriend a call and have him set that situation straight. Shouldn't be too problematic, with him being a football/rugby player... But anything too drastic could ruin her boyfriends possible professional career, so that would be a last resort move...

Saiko probably would be sick of shame if that video would be published for all her "fans" to see. But she'd manage to get over it. Alas, the things she expects the Janitor to ask from her are right in the line of her second fetish: rape... Just thinking about being treated like shit by some ugly old fart soaks her panty. Yes, that guy is old, fat and smells bad... but that's what rape is about, isn't it? To get fucked against your will by someone you don't like or see as attractive. And maybe he would even agree to wear a super villian outfit, if she would make it for him?
So Saiko will be open for anything. Really, anything! She would prefer to be used while wearing one of her cosplay costumes. Maybe even outdoors? In some public place? The toilets might be a starting point for this fantasy of her's ;)

Marge has a lot to lose. Money, mostly. And her virginity. So she would agree to quite a lot of things. Oral, anal, getting tied up and spanked... but her pussy would be off limits! She's supposed to be a virgin when her wedding night comes, and she will fight like a tigress to keep her virginity. None of those boys she had sex with while here at the college ever got more than oral/anal and she will not allow the Janitor to be the exception to the rule. If the Janitor would take her virginity, she would try to get access to his computer, delete the video and then - after the next time he uses her - run to the police accusing him of raping her...

Yeah, that's a whole lot to chew, I guess... ;)

Thu Mar 05, 2015 1:02 am
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nice job, interesting

Tue Mar 24, 2015 4:39 pm
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Very nice indeed.

Plot twist: The surprise 3 way she didn't know she was getting!

The Dean is an even bigger horn-ball than Bob is and when Mindy goes to him after an "encounter" with Bob things get interesting:
Well, the Dean decides to set things straight, calls Bob on up to the office for a conference with the girl in question, where they proceed to gangbang her silly.

Ladeesha's Dad? yeah, it's his step daughter. And Mr Washington has always sorta had a thing for her, because he's only been married to her mother for 6 months. They proceed to gangbang her silly.

Saiko? Well, there's already the rapey element, but surely one of her blog readers would be down for a little gangrape if the player trolls her blog a little. Or perhaps Saiko has always had a little girlcrush (or grudge) on one of the other ladies and decides to help Bob with a little gangbang/rape encounter of her own.

Marge? That could even be a mega-gangbang, Bob, the Dean *AND* the rich boyfriend. Marge get's airtight. The boyfriend gets the vag of course, but mouth or ass would be players choice.

Tue Mar 24, 2015 7:53 pm
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like it

Tue May 17, 2016 5:24 am
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