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 Young Succubus part 1 (MultiPart story) 
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The short: (Multi part story) A young man summons a succubus that introduces him to a whole new world of erotic adventure.

The long:
Player IE you (Prologue): "You" will assume the role of a nameless young man who just moved out of his parent's Louisiana mansion into a small one bedroom. It is finally time to figure things out for yourself and finish school. A steady job at the local antique shop helps you pay rent and buy books. So far so good as you live a pretty comfortable life on Ramen noodles and left over pizza. You happen to like your job at the antique shop and favor your goddess of a boss Angela LaBou. You would do anything to make her happy and often wish that she wasn't married. What's worse is that her husband is an awesome guy, so you feel guilty for your sexual fantasies about her. Out of respect for Anthony you dial back your lust for Angela as best you can. Life is pretty good, but very boring. You just wish that you could find the right woman. You have always been nervous around woman and often feel like you are making a fool out of yourself. Being an introvert doesn't really help your situation with the ladies either but you are getting restless. There have been far too many nights spent alone at home, playing video games and watching internet porn. Something has got to change.

You are willing to take a risk at this point. You decide to go to a local bar where you know some of your fellow college students are going to be hanging out. You never really talk to anyone and don't have any close friends; you are naturally nervous about not having anything to talk about. When you enter the bar you walk in and are assaulted by loud music and loud voices. You order a drink. After scanning through the bar you finally spot Amber and two guys from class. You make your way over to them and modestly wave your hand as you approach. "Hey you, glad you came out!" Amber says. Jake nods his head at you and Dustin gives you a manly "Sup Bro?” You instantly start to feel like coming here was a mistake. Jake and Dustin share fantasy football stories while Amber laughs at every joke they make and eyes them hungrily. You stand there drinking your beer listening to this stupid conversation. They ask you if you play fantasy football to which you reply "I never really got into it." Amber asks you where you work and you tell her. Jake makes a dumb joke about how only old woman work at Antique shops and alludes to real men working on cars. You shrug and excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. All this has done is remind you of how much you hate bars. After relieving yourself you decide to go back home.

The next day at work Angela tells you that she has some cool new items that have been appraised at very high prices. She takes you into the back store room of the shop and asks you to put the items of interest on display with their proper price tags. There are five items: An old medieval horn, a blessed robe, a flint lock pistol, an authentic Japanese cavalry sword and a beautiful ornate Ouija board. Your attention is immediately drawn to the Ouija board. The board has amazing craftsmanship. Brilliant rubies line the sides of the board with strange glyph marks carved into it where you are certain the alphabet should be. Upon further inspection you notice on the back side of the board that there are five glyph markings. After checking out the Ouija board you place the items with their price tags but find no price tag for the board. Naturally you ask Angela if she has the fifth price tag for the board. She becomes very nervous at the sight of the Ouija board and asks you where you found it. She tells you that she only had four items and she has never seen that before. After she examines the board she asks you to get it out of the shop. Sweat begins to build up on her forehead. “Are you alright Angela?” you ask. “I’m fine I just am getting a bad feeling from this thing.” “This looks like it’s worth a fortune!” you exclaim. “Then keep it, but please be careful with things like this.” Angela warns.

You decide to take your amazing find back to your apartment. Finally something exciting and new will break up the boredom. You know you have a huge project to complete for school but you can’t seem to take your attention away from the ornate board. When you are near it you feel dizzy and warm. You find yourself becoming aroused for no reason. Your heart beat quickens and you begin to sweat just like Angela did. Maybe she is right. Maybe this thing is dangerous. Will you leave it alone for the night and finish your project for school? Or will you give in and play with your new toy? Resolving to pull an all-nighter in order to complete your assignment, you decide to take a little time to satisfy your curiosity. You grab your laptop and begin to do a little research on ornate Ouija boards with glyph markings (Player conducts research on laptop). You eventually find an image on a website that has a very similar ornate board to the one you have. This is apparently not a typical Ouija board and is actually called a conjuration portal. These portals are a means of transportation for whatever celestial being is bound to it. Be warned that it is very important that you know the nature of the being that is bound to the portal before summoning it. Be it Angel, Demon or Elemental spirit, if you do not know what you are conjuring then DO NOT CONJURE IT! From the most heavenly of spirits to the monsters of the great abyss. These entities can all be summoned to do your bidding or answer your questions. Take warning to heart. These creatures are very powerful and you could end up doing yourself more harm than good.

According to the website you will need an ancient warrior’s artifact, 4 white candles, a blessed robe, an Alter with at least a 3’x3’ top on it, Incense, something pleasing, a Summoning circle and a quiet place to conduct the conjuration ritual. You know that you can get most if not all of these items from Angela’s Antiques. You stop yourself and let reason into your mind for one moment. You can’t steal from Angela. She trusts you and on top of that you really care about her. But what if she didn't know you took anything? What if you broke in and stole the items? She would never suspect you. You glance over at the Conjuring Portal and instantly begin to feel something pulling at you. You begin to sweat profusely and your vision becomes blurry. You notice that you are rock hard in your pants and feel a strange delicate tugging sensation in your penis. What the fuck is happening right now? The delicate tickle feels good, so good that when you pull your pants open you notice a wet spot with a string of pre cum clinging to them. You scoot closer to the board and the sensation grows more intense. You find yourself moaning and humping the air above the board, a comical image but you can’t seem to help it. Hot sperm splashes out onto the board as you experience an intense climax. You breathe heavily, drenched in sweat as you lay atop the Conjuration Portal hugging it. You look at the board confused as to what just happened. You sit up and stare blankly at the messy board. You resolve that you had better figure out what you are dealing with. You try to clean the board off with a tissue but notice that your semen is actually being absorbed into the boar. You can’t believe your eyes but you feel like this is something amazing. What kind of being is bound to this portal?

You return to your laptop to get some help discerning what the strange glyph marks mean (More player research). Eventually you find a website dedicated to demonic and arcane symbols (Player must look at symbols on laptop and match them to the symbols on the board. I am not telling you the name on purpose). You now know the name of the creature that is bound to this conjuration portal. You still have no idea what sort of entity it is but you figure that you will never know unless you summon it. It’s time to make a game plan for getting those items needed for the summoning ritual. You know when the shop closes and how to disable the alarm system. The cameras will be a little tricky because you will have to turn them off once you get inside. You will have to make this look like someone broke in. How will you do this? This is crazy but you feel like this is something you must do. This is all happening for a reason…
(This is where the story will really begin. The player will be tasked with planning their break in and retrieving the items from Angela’s Antiques. The idea is to make this portion of the story fully interactive and dynamic so that the robbery can be carried out in multiple ways. To avoid spoiling the game play I will skip the details for this part)

With the items you require finally in your apartment, you have what you need to conduct the ritual. You are shaking with anticipation and excitement mixed with fear. The over stimulation of emotions has you fumbling and forgetting your own name. You take a deep breath and collect yourself. After setting up the ritual space you begin by speaking the name of the summoned. “My home is your home, my heart is your heart, my soul is your soul, and my blood is your blood, blood of my blood come forth and be present!” You say the name of the being three times more. The air grows so cold that you can see your breath yet your skin feels as though it is on fire. Sweat begins to drip from your naked body and you grow faint. The candles flicker violently as a gust of wind blows throw your apartment sending papers everywhere. You stumble to your bed and lie down on your back. Your breathing grows heavy and you can hear your heart beating in your skull. You cannot help but close your eyes and before you know it you are fast asleep. (Dream sequence) You find yourself laying in a bed of strange yet beautiful flowers. You are unable to move and begin to grow nervous at the fact that you are paralyzed. Angela ascends from the ground before you completely naked. She giggles and kneels beside you. Her hands massage your manhood and she begins to hungrily suck your cock. The sensation is so real that you begin to question if you are dreaming.

You begin to feel yourself waking up but can barely open your eyes. The loud wet sucking sound pops in your ears as you come to. Suddenly a rush of real pleasure fills your body and you feel yourself about to cum. (Shake the mouse to open your eyes) as you struggle to open your eyes you barely catch a glimpse of what look like horns bouncing up and down on your cock. When you open your eyes completely the creature stops sucking and vanishes into thin air. Just as the creature disappears your penis erupts into a geyser of cum. What the hell? You sit up covered in your own semen and look around your apartment. What happened to me last night? What was that thing? Was that what I summoned? Why did it disappear? You have so many questions but you have to get to work in order to keep from looking suspicious. You nervously show up to work and as expected the police are outside with Angela. She looks very upset and hugs you when you approach. Immediately the police asks if you wouldn't mind answering a few questions for them. They ask you where you were last night and if you knew anyone that might have done this (Be careful how you respond to the officer’s questions). You help clean up any messes that were made by the break in and try to console Angela. Anthony is there and he asks you how you are doing. He slaps you on the back and tells you to head on home for the day. He will help Angela clean up and he knows you have school work to get to. The way he is talking to you makes you very nervous. It is as though he knows what you have been up to or something. He is right though. You completely forgot that you have a project do tonight and the only hope of you getting it done is to go home now. You are confused but relieved that he seems to be so understanding. He grins again and tells you to have fun. What the fuck is his deal? You head back home and look around your apartment. Papers are everywhere and your place is a mess but you don’t have time for that.

You sit down and complete your project as best you can (Time compress, not really going to make you do homework lol). You make sure to get to class on time in hopes that it will make your teacher a bit more understanding of your shoddy, last minute work. After turning your project in you are free. Finally it is spring break. You will have one week to yourself with no distractions. Now you can really try to figure out what this Conjuring Portal is all about. To your pleasant surprise, you return home to a completely immaculate apartment. Everything is clean and the ritual items are nowhere to be found. You are pretty sure that your building doesn't have room service. You see that the Conjuring portal is still on your desk but the glyph marks are different. You have no idea what the symbols mean but there is one unmistakable symbol that you recognize. Beneath the glyph marks are three hearts. (If you want you can choose to research what the message says by pulling up the translation website on your lap top)

(This is the start of a flirtatious game between you and the creature you summoned. It will require you to get creative. When you sleep you will have another strange dream and wake just in time to see the creature vanish. You will need to figure out how to catch/ trap it)

Finally! You have figured out how to catch this creature. You lay your eyes on what you find to be the most beautifully seductive being you have ever seen. It's hard for you to believe that such things exist. Your life will never be the same. Epic adventures, slapstick comedy and of course hot, wet, juicy succubus love awaits you. Let the fun begin!

I know it’s a lot to read but please tell me what you think. I want some things to be a surprise especially what the succubus is going to look like. My goal is to imbue the succubus with as much character as possible and fully explore what it would be like to have a relationship with one. This should be a funny story that you can keep returning too even after you have completed the first part. I want this character to feel like she is really your "girlfriend" so to speak so that between each story part it's just business as usual or getting busy as usual rather ;)

If this gets enough votes who knows it might become a main story so I hope you like it.

Kick this story proposal in the jaw and let me know the brutal honest truth.

Thanks all!

Sun Feb 22, 2015 8:08 pm
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