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 Daughter of Essence RPG Maker Game [Big Update: 01-24-20!] 
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New Release: Version 0.146!

Hi everyone!

It was a late night and the patch notes mostly speak for themselves again this week, but we're finally starting to emerge from Bug Mountain with stable new builds and resume adding new content and features!

We got some new story content, new side-quests and a lot more general improvements and refinements.

Hope you enjoy, and I'll see you soon!

- Nym

New to the game? Bcome a patron or try our public build at

Version 0.146 - 9-25-2020
The Knife quest is now completable during Ch. IX
Added a new scene & boss encounter to Ch. X
Added Claudia and Colette back to the cove post-siege
Added a way to check your final siege results
Added a number of SPI-based map checks to the game
Added a new, hard to earn recipe book with new unique recipes
Added a button mash input to Mercy’s self-healing sword skills
Changed a number of sound effects and musical effects
Made some improvements to performance
Significantly reduced the amount of gold Mercy finds in the cove as part of a process of rebalancing the cove expenses
Abandon’s damage has been buffed from a 25% max HP scale to a 33% max HP scale to compensate for nerfs to HP values
Slightly rebalanced the final siege, making the highest scores a little more challenging to obtain and the worst outcome slightly less challenging to obtain
Fixed an issue where re-entering the Emerald Flats barracks could trigger a missing guard’s dialogue
Fixed a portrait issue when interacting with one of the sun chests
Fixed a passability issue in the Glass Sea campsite
Fixed an issue where Ramses could appear in two places at once
Fixed an issue where Lily could be passable after the siege
Fixed and improved some weapon skill animations
Fixed some equipment descriptions
Fixed an issue where Bartleby could appear in two places at once
Fixed an issue where the Locker skill’s moon scroll would be listed in the wrong order
Fixed an issue where having Dalkon’s fully-upgraded station would overlap some of the damage in the post-siege cove

Sun Sep 27, 2020 5:14 pm
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Joined: Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:15 am
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New Release: v0.148 (Alpha & Weekly!)

Konbanwa, comrades. We have made considerable strides (finally) with a new system for overhauling the game's overlaying image systems, which will hopefully improve performance quite a bit in builds to come as well as make maps look more interesting and dynamic in the process.

This is a work in progress, so parts of the game have these new improvements and parts of the game remain how they were before. In addition, I've got some cool new fishing features launching this week and a million other bug fixes.

Hope you enjoy!

Play the public build or become a patron at

Version 0.148 - 10-9-2020
Added a new, super-rare and extra challenging fish to the game, along with a reward for catching it
You can now get a unique reward from a new NPC who appears in Newlight for catching an especially large seabear
Added the remainder of the cove residents back in to the post-siege cove areas
Added new dialogue to the Gertrude’s workstation if she died, and fixed an issue where interacting with the forge could trigger dialogue with Gertrude even if she wasn’t alive
Continued implementing graphical updates here and there, adding more tile diversity and more dynamic interior mapping
Began implementation of a new system of overlaying images to address some performance issues in the cove. This is a WIP and is only partially implemented.
Made clams more common to fish up
Fixed an issue where Orus could bypass learning his first specialization abilities
Fixed some passability issues
Fixed some missing portrait issues
Fixed an issue where Orus could follow Mercy in the Esterholt manor
Fixed an issue where Mercy could activate the encounter with the bug in Carvannah after returning the second time, and added some new dialogue to reflect the passage of time
Increased the health of one of the strangers in the encounter in the Aqueducts, making it so you can’t realistically bypass the Cataclysm spell by overleveling and bursting him down
Fixed an issue where upgrading the cove while Mercy was blinded would show Mercy’s normal portrait
Fixed an issue where Mercy could be riding Orus during the Carlisse showdown
Fixed some lighting issues
Fixed some text runoff
Fixed an incorrect chest description
Fixed the hit rate of the Critical Attack greatsword skill
Fixed an issue where Dalkon and Marlan could be duplicated in the cove after a cutscene
Fixed an issue where damage to the cove might not correctly appear after the first siege
Fixed an issue where Mercy could be transported to Beatrix’s office while riding Orus during a cutscene
Fixed an issue where you could not land at the Mar’Liore Mercenary camp with Qel
Fixed an issue where returning to the cove in Ch. X upgraded the defenses visually
Fixed an issue where Mercy could interact with the bed in Beatrix’s office and get healed before Beatrix sets up
Fixed an issue where Orus’s Brute Force skill could be selected from the menu
Fixed an issue where Quinn could remain in the bath house after the final siege
Fixed a sprite issue with Mercy’s bed
Fixed an issue where the monument could be prevented from appearing after the final siege even if members of the cove had died
Fixed an issue where returning to the cliff tops in Witchdale after rejecting Moon’s essence could result in getting stuck

Mon Oct 12, 2020 12:18 am
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Rank 14

Joined: Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:15 am
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New Release: 0.149!

Hi everyone, happy weekend! As is tradition 149 times in a row, I have a new release, carefully baked just for your pleasure.

Except this time, due to a number of total overhauls, the build is guaranteed to be a wild and crazy ride, and I will not be held responsible for what happens if you play it.


New to the game? Public build and patron details at

Version 0.149 - 10-16-2020

Updated a number of maps all across the game for improved quality and tile diversity
Rebuilt all the cove maps from the ground up using the new image layering system to improve performance
Fixed an issue where Holden could appear in the cove inn prematurely
Fixed an issue where Mercy could enter the Danforth Crook bandit camp by ship
Fixed an issue where Moon could return to the cove from her room prematurely
Adjusted a number of entryway graphics for better continuity and clarity
Adjusted some lighting to improve performance
Fixed an issue where trying to enter the upper cove region after the siege could slow Mercy permanently
Fixed an issue where Carlisse could speak during the cove surrender cutscene even if she was not recruited
Fixed a visual error in the final Leite cutscene
Fixed some typos

Sat Oct 17, 2020 10:08 pm
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