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 Information on development of next version. 
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ItsDamon wrote:
But to give this credit... if the dev's of this pull it off correctly it won't be a bad game... shame it is VR only tho

Oh I'm sure they'll "pull it off" alright ;)

Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:11 pm
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T0mcat wrote:
So.. people compare this game with other ones on the market... well...

They say that XSP is so much better because of the pysics used.... uhm... Okay, it IS fun (for about five minutes...) to throw around boxes and dildos and other stuff... but as soon as you have to do some delicate work - like getting a chair or bench upright again - the engine shows as eager to follow your commands as a drunken donkey...

Sex is just moving the character forward and back and forward and back... or using automove and hoping the genitals stay in the proper positions...

The story itself is okay-ish. Nothing really fancy, but okay-ish.

The dungeon/sandbox mode probably is the part where most players spend most of their time, experimenting how to get sex in weird positions and all too often having to close/restart the game due to props going wild - you know, chains flailing around the whole room, stretching like rubberbands to multiple times of their original length and girls ending up hanging in the air with limbs being bend in anatomically impossible positions...

So yes, the engine is different from those other games use. And she's a bitch... probably the greatest problem for the guys who make XSP. But they are in love with it, and love sometimes makes you blind for faults your loved one has...

From the speed of responses here on the forum and from one iteration of the game to the next, it is quite obvious, that XSP is a hobby for the XSP crew. And from the post from XPadmin above it is obvious, that they hit a brickwall they can't easily break through or get around, due to limited workpower. Too few people, too little time, no idea how to solve the problems mayhaps.. whatever.

Add to that the nonexisting interest to get steady financing by going to Patreon, it seems to me that we will have to wait a long, long and I mean REALLY EFFING LONG time before a further version of XSP will come out.

Which is kinda depressing, because the idea behing XSP is great...

Going to Patreon to get funding for more people to work on the problems might be a solution... or not, considering the speed of development until now. Patrons would expect regular monthly updates - even if it's just some screenshots about things done in the game or even just some info about what is going on... the XSP crew isn't really that great with this...

Ah well, I'll be back in a couple months in the hope to see anything I haven't seen here for... well.. one year or so? Bye 'til then...

I'm probably on the same wavelength as you. It's only worth checking in every six months or so anyway, lol. The other thing is, I really didn't invest a lot into it and can't really invest time in a community sense when the casual community seems like it's grown in toxicity a bit. The modders and helpful folk seem cool. But there's nothing about the community that seems groovy in my harmful opinion.

Roggvir wrote:
Banach wrote:
Roggvir wrote:
Yes, of course, why work on proprietary engine when Unity already offers all thats needed ...oh wait, IT DOESN'T.
Please, people, stop with this nonsense, it's annoying as hell.

Of course it does :

The game is called "Virt A Mate".

You seem to know how to write (and even paste some irrelevent links, bravo!), but your reading skills certainly leave a lot to be desired.

*Irrelevant, tho. Still, I'm probably going to check out that person's links just out of curiosity.

I dig, as I also am not fond of people suggesting the devs just use Unity, even in a roundabout way. That's kind of like me telling you to make the game yourself in Unity if you think it's so fucking easy. I won't do that... mostly because it kind of just is that easy. Problem is you'll probably get burned out before you get anywhere making the exact same thing in Unity. Can you or the devs replicate a game like this in Unity? Yes, but not out of the box. You'll still have to code your own physics extensions or at least buy some assets off the asset store and implement these in a way that satisfies your vision... but might fall flat of the players' and original developers' visions. Can you or the devs do what the devs intend to do in Unity? No, that's why they need to make their own engine.

I do have to say, making your own engine is becoming, exponentially, economically unfeasible more so for niche genres like VR Sex, which is probably because VR is still kind of niche but may still recover from it's gimmicky past soon. For XStory, If they really are making an attempt to make better physics than exists already, that should be good... or a failed attempt. That is yet to be seen.

I'm making a prediction. This game will come out, maybe even earlier than expected, but by the time it does the community will be so toxic that no one wants anything to do with it.

Fri Dec 08, 2017 6:43 am
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Is there any chance to get 4.0 version before the end of the year 2017 ??? Would be nice if someone posted some of the new features that developers are working on or estimated time for release the new update

Sun Dec 10, 2017 2:40 pm
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Sorry man, we'll be lucky to see an update by the end of the year 2018. Devs got way too ambitious, fubared some stuff on the new engine they were building from the ground up, and now we gotta wait.

Mon Dec 11, 2017 3:59 am
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kamesakke wrote:
Sorry man, we'll be lucky to see an update by the end of the year 2018. Devs got way too ambitious, fubared some stuff on the new engine they were building from the ground up, and now we gotta wait.

it is possible to have pictures of the progress of work ?

Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:21 pm
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