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 [MOD PACK] Dungeon Ex 1.2.1 07.03.2016 
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sorry for the dual posting but I've forgot to mention that Saiko is now capable to get into the office chains, see it for yourself!

She just waiting there for him to fuck her. Gosh.
That girl make me shiver all the time


mrgreaper wrote:
Sadly will not work on the vive
Crashes after you hit choose
tried directx 11 and 9
tried loading the game hitting f8 to change it to normal mode (from vr mode) then clicking choose (same error)
if i turn off vr and load the game in directx9 mode then it works fine
no idea how to fix

no support for VR now, sorry. DX9 only without VR.

NudeNoodle wrote:
Yeah, I actually found a tutorial by SKIDROW, so I got it to work. Thanks for the reply anyway. ^-^

okay, fucc that thievish SKIDROW scum. That's whats every thief would say, right?

Fed wrote:
Some of the futa stuff from love party don't work, for example the "ejaculate" command doesn't do anything and a futa doesn't get an erection if she sees you with one unlike in love party.

Working on it.

Fed wrote:
Double edit: How did you get the futa to fuck her when she was in chains like in these pics? I also can't get them to ragdoll/lay back when I don't use the middle cuffs when I try to get them in chains.

Geez, man, use your imagination. I get her there and order her to bend over and chain her, then I just say to Monica to "fuck her".
Do you imagine that this is that simple?

``Piss in my ass sir``

Fed wrote:
Lol, because Saika won't get in the chains in the office I got monica in them and when I tried to get in in the position in these pictures both she and the chains machine disappeared.

That was Saiko "lay on table" or something like that. I don't really remember that command right now but I know that I have her on that table there and then I chain her hands and legs. Man I fuck her really hard. That was somethin!

Freename wrote:

I seemed to install this correctly, its in the quick menu etc, I have rapey makeup options, things like that but... No cellar?


Then hit apply. The same goes for clones... Buddy is very important person here cuz' it's you!

Freename wrote:

I also have one small bug to report but, it seems to be from the one sub-mod and not sure if I should mention it here or ask in the originals thread. Its regarding Monika and the rapey makeup giving funky body textures, works fine on Saiko. [...]

dunno what you having there but for me it working fine,


Ok I'm tired of answering all of that questions now.
I'm sorry but beside playing games.
I work really hard to keep my family in tackt
How about you point me into those bugs?
I will not make any promises but I'll try to correct them.
Please keep it in your mind that I'm not a coder and this is just a modpack.
Most important thing is that I'm just making it for myself and share it with you,
so if you like it or not it's made for my taste. // TheKresz

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Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:37 pm
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When I press fast sex, the program closes instantly.

I do not know if I have made an mistake, but I started by getting this "rape pack" ... 8&start=20

In the comments on the thread above I found this ultimate package here. I have put it in "Packs" and in "Filemaker> Packs" and used the .bin file that was in the "rape package"

What to do??

Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:23 pm
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p.s I cant seem to find any sort of .bin file in this dex_for_35.7z pack. I dont get this. Only thing my folder contains is:


Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:10 pm
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